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Verde que te Queiro Verdo #35

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Many who knew Sergio, knew his favorite color was green. He had a number of pairs of green pants, he painted the arms (also known as temples) of his glasses green, he even once painted a pair of leather shoes the same bright green. He simply like the color and used it to take away any “mediocrity’ of something he used or wore. Here, on a drive south of Cuernavaca, the car was stopped suddenly (Sergio never drove in his life, Karen was the driver) and this scene of the perfect green and the perfect touch of a small white piece of paper, an apparent note, struck the artist’s eye. The title is the name of a poem by Garcia Lorca which is hard to translate but has been ......Green, how I desire you, Green or Green, how I love you Green. A shame to try to translate.......
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